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Cornerstone is accepting applications for the 2017-2018 school year. Please call us today for your private tour of the school.

PreSchool / PreKindergarten
Pre-School / Pre-Kindergarten

Cornerstone Schools offers a developmentally appropriate academic program for three and four year olds.

Children participate in a variety of  structured  and unstructred activities. They are encouraged to think independantly, make choices  and  interact with their peers in an environment that is fun and condusive to learning.

We strongly feel  that the earlier children are exposed  to the basic fundamentals of reading,  writing and math, the more successful they will be in their school career. Our  students spend their day invoved in learning activities that promote the development of these basic skills  Spanish, art, music and outside play further enhances  the daily learning  experiences.

Our shaded and well equiped playgrounds allow children to develop their gross motor skills in a fun and natural environment. Our indoor playground still allows children to have their play experience when the weather is not cooperating.

Learning in a bright & supportive environment

Learning in a bright & supportive environment

For more information, or to schedule a private tour of the school,
please call 770-205-6860 (Infants to Pre-K), 770-205-8202 (K-12), or email us at [email protected]